Take quick and decisive action to protect your teen against the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Sign this Parent Pledge to send a clear “DON’T USE” message.

The Pledge

• I will have ongoing conversations with my teen about our family expectations and boundaries regarding underage alcohol use, and abuse of illegal drugs and non-prescribed medications.

• I will assure parties or events held at my home are properly supervised.

• I will notify a neighbor or another responsible adult about our absence if I am out of town.

• I will prevent my teen’s friends from driving if I know or suspect they have been drinking or using drugs.

• I welcome any parent or guardian of a teen attending a party at my home to call and check on party details,   times, supervision, and any other concerns.

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Teen's School

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A signed Parent Pledge will be put into a searchable database of households who also took the pledge. The database is maintained by the Rocklin Police Department and can be accessed here.