Resources for Parents:
Talk early, talk often

Believing that your teen would never engage in risky alcohol and drug behaviors is a risky belief. Brain research shows the teen brain is primed to taking risks, including experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Talk with your teen today about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. If you think they aren’t listening, think again.

Research shows that parents can be extremely influential. Teens identify parents as the number one influence in their lives and research shows that children who learn about drug risks from their parents are 50 percent less likely to use alcohol.

» A short video with advice on talking with your teen.
» More advice on talking with your teen about drugs and alcohol.
» Underage Drinking Doesn’t Start with a Drink.
» Take the family check-up
» Learn more about teen medicine abuse and what you can do

Take the parent pledge to commit to a home that is safe for our youth. This can also serve as a conversation starter.

The Parent Toolkit is an easy-to-use website with tips and guidelines from experts.
It includes:

    • Step-by-step guides on how to talk to a teen about drugs and alcohol
    • Advice organized by age
    • What to do if you find out that your teen is already using
    • And much more

High School:
Helpful tips for parents of high school teens.

College Years:
Tips and next steps for parents of teens going off to college:
Fall Semester- A time for parents to revisit discussions about college drinking.

What your family can do:
Surgeon General’s guide to action for families
Create a family drug prevention plan
FDA video on locking up medications

Additional resources for parents

Banana Moments
Thoughtful leadership for parenting; dealing with Internet, mobile phones and popular culture.

Pathway to Prevention
Pathway to Prevention offers resources to help parents understand and navigate the teen world of drugs and alcohol. Parents can find the latest news, information and resources and view the 26-minute Emmy-award winning Collision Course, Teen Addiction Epidemic documentary at this site.

An Inside Look at Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, is a poignant film that engages, entertains and educates about the risks of drug and alcohol use. This follow-up to TEEN TRUTH: BULLY, melds intense music, graphics, and teen shot footage with sobering interviews featuring students, drug authorities, and addicts to deliver an honest look inside substance abuse. A must see for all youth, TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS delivers an unforgettable message that will make anyone reconsider their next hit or sip.

A comprehensive online education campaign designed to raise awareness among parents about the growing problem of children abusing cough medicine.

An excellent site created by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign to equip parents with the tools they need to raise drug-free kids. It serves as a drug prevention information center and supportive community for parents to interact and learn from each other.

A parenting skills program designed specifically for parents with strong willed or out of control children. Classes are available nationwide.

Free booklets that offer tips for parents of struggling teens.

Information about why teens begin using, what they’re using and how drugs affect teens

Informative site dedicated to youth behavioral health issues including suicide, drug abuse, eating disorders and depression.

The recent trend among young people is to take large amounts of over-the-counter cough medicines that contain dextromethorphan (DXM) to get high. This is an excellent site that will provide important information about the signs, risks and more.

Connect with Kids is an online resource for parents of teens and pre-teens, offering research-based articles and the latest news stories about what kids are up to, plus an online parenting community. All of our programs have one focus: improving the lives of children, and along the way helping parents become better parents. We are here to help you connect with your kids!

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