Prevention ideas for the Faith Community:
Substance abuse is America’s number one health problem – a problem that touches the life of every American child, family, congregation and community.

• Clergy are the first professionals many people with personal problems like substance abuse contact for help.
• 94% of clergy feel substance abuse is an important issue in their congregations.
• Nearly 40% indicate that half or more of the family problems they confront are substance abuse related
• Only a third (37%) report they preach a sermon on the topic of substance abuse more than once a year.

Clergy and other faith-based leaders can:
• Preach and teach about substance abuse and its impact on children, families, congregations and communities
• Take a public stand against the use of drugs that is consistent with your personal and denominational beliefs and values.
• Create or join existing organizations that seek to advocate for policy changes around the availability of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
• Identify and become involved in public policy issues related to substance abuse.

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