It’s no secret that investing in stocks has become one of the best ways to accumulate wealth. Stocks, as an asset class, tend to outperform any other investment. However, many investors do not seem to understand how investing in stocks works intrinsically. If you want to start buying shares as an investment instrument, you should get to know the stock further. When you buy shares, you buy a company. The underlying company performance is what should give value to the stock. Illogical speculation in stocks could and would happen at any period and can be critical for investors who carelessly follow other investors without reasoning their investments.

The value of shares is always volatile. Often fluctuations are based on news from the company, sometimes from external sources reporting the company, and sometimes from general market conditions. This fluctuation in the value of shares makes investment attractive to investors. Investors do not always act according to predictions when there is news about a company. General market conditions can be very burdening for stock performance as well as industry news. Rumors can make investors treat stocks irrationally, and sometimes, even technical problems are known to affect stock prices.

Although many investors speculate with short-term investment strategies, on average investors are better off investing in a balanced stock portfolio that is geared towards long-term goals. When you buy shares, you will never know what the return on your investment will be. Only when you have sold the stock, you realize profit or loss. Time allows you to average more benefits than losses. A balanced investment portfolio is designed to spread risk and meet investment objectives. Reacting to rumors and speculative opportunities can keep you away from long-term plans and incur losses. Likewise, an unbalanced portfolio can damage the basic goals that you have set, such as growth or income.