Helpful Software

Ace Spy
A spy program that secretly records what others do online and helps you monitor your kids online activities.

ChatChecker™ Family Edition captures and records both sides of Instant Message and chat room conversations on up to 6 computers in your home. One in five children ages 10-17 has received a sexual solicitation over the Internet. – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Child Safety Software: iProtectYou
The iProtectYou Internet filtering and parental control software program enables you to fully control your child’s online use, thus preventing your child from being exposed to the inappropriate, harmful and dangerous aspects of the Internet.

This program keeps track of web content your child views and can immediately block any unwanted web pages.

Chronager v2.1
A parental control software program, Chronager gives you complete control over your child’s use of the computer. It enables you to restrict the times when the computer can be used, and to set the times that your child may surf the Internet, play games, use particular programs, and watch movies.

Internet safety software with great blocking and filtering options.

CYBERsitter is a 5-time winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award that offers parents several categories of online protection and filtering options.

Net Nanny
Net Nanny stops illicit material from invading your child’s computer by filtering and blocking web content while they surf.



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