Founded in 2008, the Coalition for Placer Youth is a grassroots organization that empowers the community to work on reducing substance abuse among youth.

Our vision is to have healthy Placer County communities free of substance abuse.

The Coalition for Placer Youth is funded through a Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Drug Free Community grant, tax-deductable financial contributions, and in-kind support from individuals and organizations.

Our role in the community is to serve as a catalyst to challenge all community sectors to initiate, encourage and support prevention efforts.

2016 CPY Community Report Card

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Community Partners

Advisory Board
• Auburn Chief of Police, Valerie Harris
• Lincoln Chief of Police (Acting), Paul Shelgren
• Rocklin Chief of Police, Mark Siemens
• Roseville Chief of Police, Michael Blair
• Placer County Assistant Chief of Probation, Marshall Hopper
• Placer County Assistant District Attorney, Scott Owens
• Placer County Chief of Probation, Steve Pecor
• Placer County Director of Community Health & Clinics, Mark Starr
• Placer County Sheriff, Ed Bonner
• Placer County Superintendent of Schools, Gayle Garbolino-Mojica
• Placer County Undersheriff, Devon Bell

Other Community Partners
• 4-H and Youth Development, UC Cooperative Extension
• Banana Moments
• Citizens Advocating Safe & Healthy Youth (CASHY)
• Full Circle Treatment Center
• Golden Sierra Life Skills
• Kids’ First
• Lincoln PAL program
• Maureen Bauman, Placer County Alcohol and Drug Administrator
• Parisi Consulting Services
• Placer County Health and Human Services, Community Health
• Placer County Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Board
• Rocklin Community Counseling
• Roseville PAL program
• Scott Yuill, Mayor of Rocklin
• Straight Talk for Teens by Teens
• T J Web Concepts
• Youth for Christ Ministries

Rx and OTC Committee (back to top)

• Create partnerships and work with other organized groups ie., pharmacists, doctors, schools, business and   neighborhood associations to heighten awareness of pharmaceutical abuse.
• Work with pharmacies, hospitals and waste management to increase easy, responsible disposal of   pharmaceutical wastes and safe medication storage thereby reducing pharmaceutical access and availability   to adolescents and others Heighten parent and youth awareness about the possible harmful effects and   dangers linked to illegally abusing prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
• Educate parents to help prevent pharmaceutical abuse, how to recognize signs and symptoms, and debunk   myths that prescription and over-the-counter medications are safer to abuse than other illicit substances.

Committee Chair
Kathie Sinor

Social Host Committee (back to top)
• Promote the Parent Pledge, searchable database, and other tools to help parents create clear expectations   regarding alcohol and other drug use in their own family and with other parents.
• Create partnerships and work with other groups such as schools, business associations, neighborhood   associations, and the faith community to understand their objectives and collaborate in a way that meets the   needs of Placer youth.
• Drive a culture change in Placer County by communicating the fact that underage drinking is significantly   more dangerous than adult drinking.
• Reduce underage drinking by reducing the number of parents providing alcohol and hosting parties. Inform   parents that their children may be drinking under the supervision of other parents.
• Provide parents with information about what they can do to reduce the possibility their teen will drink.
• Maintain an E-mail list of parents interested in reducing teen alcohol and other drug use.

Committee Chair
Alan Baker

Youth Commission Committee
(back to top)
Placer County Youth Commission
Established 2009

The Placer County Youth Commission serves as the direct youth arm for the Coalition for Placer Youth. The YouthCommissioners research and provide information on youth substance use in the community as well give input as to the Coalition’s strategies and action plans. Additionally, the Youth Commission has a standing Substance Abuse Prevention Committee which plans and implements youth-led strategies to reduce youth alcohol and prescription/OTC drug abuse.

The Placer County Youth Commission is an Advisory Board to the Board of Supervisors, dedicated to promoting the youth voice in local government. Founded in 2009, the Youth Commission is made up of fifteen youth of diverse backgrounds who care about the Placer County community and have a drive to make our community the best possible place for youth.

Young people who serve on this commission learn about the local government process first hand by giving recommendations to the Board of Supervisors that will help shape public decisions, policies, and programs as they relate to the youth of Placer County. The Youth Commission seeks to raise the profile of young people within the community, provide and receive information through networks with schools, youth groups, youth-serving organizations, and community institutions, provide and promote civic participation, research youth and community issues, and provide opportunities to organize and participate in community service-learning projects.

Youth Commissioners are supported by two adult Advisors, one from University of California Cooperative Extension and one from Placer County Health and Human Services.

UC Cooperative Extension
Attn: Placer County Youth Commission
11477 E Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: (530) 889-7392 / Fax: (530) 889-7397

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